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Master of Arts in Leading Innovative Learning Organizations


The Master of Arts in Leading Innovative Learning Organizations (LILO) is Hong Kong’s first-ever master’s degree specializing in innovation, leadership and education. It envisions to empower future leaders in schools and educational services organizations with the capacity to initiate and sustain innovation for improved leadership practice.

The LILO experience, featuring innovative learning, professional networking and flexible delivery, will bring participants’ professional perspective to the international level for understanding best practices globally and applying them locally. The programme will equip participants with an entrepreneurial mindset that can capitalize on novel opportunities and envision a future-oriented learning organization.

LILO is hosted by the Department of Education Policy and Leadership in the Faculty of Education and Human Development at the Education University of Hong Kong.

2022 QS World University Rankings: 3rd in Asia & 17th in the World in Education

The MA LILO is consistent with Education masters programs in other world class universities. The EdUHK is very highly rated in Education in Global rankings. Some of the strongest academic staff in the University and Faculty whose work is largely responsible for this ranking have expertise in education leadership and innovation. This is a world class programme, informed by world class research, in a world class faculty.

A professor of educational leadership, Australia

Supporting change and innovation in learning organizations

Programme Objectives – Prepare, Equip and Respond.

LILO aims to prepare and equip aspiring leaders in schools and educational services organizations, including NGOs, private agencies, startups, government, corporate learning groups, and other human services organizations, with the organizational learning and design skills needed to effectively lead teams and innovative processes and enhance the professional learning of team members to respond to new change and opportunities in a future-oriented learning organization. 

Designed specifically for aspiring educational leaders and innovators


The need for middle leaders with expertise in leading teams and innovation is particularly acute in the GBA and Asia Pacific region.


In many cases, leaders are appointed for their subject-area or pedagogical expertise but lack formal training or expertise in leadership.


Changing educational needs and increasingly competitive market environments make leadership more demanding for middle managers.

Five taught courses and three field-based courses.

The LILO program comprises five taught course and three field-based courses with three credit points per course. The course programme consists of 2 three-day Residential units in July, 2 three-day Residential units in October, 1 three-day Residential unit in January with 3 more units to be completed between February and May through flexible and blended modes.

Innovative, targeted course design

July Courses + / –

Middle Leaders as Edupreneurs and Innovators (Three-day residential)
Leading Organizational Learning (Three-day residential)

October and January Courses + /-
February – May Courses + / –

Virtual Consultancy (Blended Learning)
Organizational Learning Field Study (Blended Learning)
Innovation Development Project (Supervised study)

Disclaimer: Mode of delivery may differ depending on public health and safety considerations.

Programme Team and Instructors.

Each course has been designed by co-instructors holding different perspectives and expertise. They research, teach, and provide consultancy services in areas including organizational psychology, sociology, business, organizational design, diversity and inclusion, international education, and educational leadership and management.

Innovative learning with an emphasis on concerns of practice

LILO Postgraduate Entrance Scholarships and LILO Educational Innovator Scholarships

A good number of LILO Postgraduate Entrance Scholarships and LILO Educational Innovator Scholarships amounting to HK$30,000 are available for adding prestige to your professional profile.

Admissions are now OPEN for the 2023 – 24 intake. It is important that you act quickly to secure your place in the programme.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the LILO family!