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Cambridge Qualifications 

Cambridge Qualifications 

In collaboration with Cambridge Assessment International Education, LILO offers academic advising for its participants to apply for the Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership.

The Cambridge leadership qualifications are designed to help educational leaders

  • develop their professional thinking and practice, and
  • enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding of effective leadership, leadership practice and school effectiveness.

The prestigious qualifications will be of interest to

  • aspiring and practicing leaders working at one of the more than 10,000 Cambridge schools across 160 countries worldwide
  • teachers and administrators from non-Cambridge schools and different education-related organisations who want to develop understandings of leadership in Cambridge school contexts

The qualification is under the framework of Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (Cambridge PDQs). More information about Cambridge PDQs can be found at:

The Education University of Hong Kong is the first university in the world to offer academic advising for application of Cambridge leadership qualifications in alignment with a postgraduate degree programme.

The LILO team will offer its best resources and tailored guidance for its participants wishing to obtain the Cambridge leadership qualifications to complete the requirements (new information about the requirements will be announced in summer 2024).

Please read very carefully the syllabus:

The LILO team will be here to help you navigate the requirements.

The resources we will provide include

  • an orientation handbook
  • Cambridge educational leadership learning materials
  • recommended literature from Cambridge on educational leadership
  • other readings and materials tailored for your professional development needs

Resources for professional reflections about mentoring

Resources about theories of educational leadership