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The LILO Courses

* Note: The residentials are anchored by consultations, pre- and post-residential learning activities, and resources sharing which may occur face-to-face or through online platforms.

Designed specifically for aspiring educational leaders and innovators

Middle Leaders as Edupreneurs and Innovators

This course provides a comprehensive study of current theories and applied research in innovation, entrepreneurialism and change management.
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Leading Organizational Learning

This course examines how leaders can design and put into place the infrastructure (structures and cultures) necessary for their teams to function in support of their learning organization.
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Leading Innovative Communities Within and Beyond Organizations

This course examines leadership functions by considering the role, structure and strategies that support innovative practice via effective professional communities and community partnerships within and beyond organizations
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Developing High Impact Teams

This course aims to offer a practical framework for understanding group development, internal operation of groups, group functioning, group decision-making processes, diversity and conflict in groups, as well as social and cultural factors that help or hinder group performance.
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Practitioner Research for Organizational Learning

This course explores how leadership for improving outcomes requires making learning visible.
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Virtual Consultancy

Course participants draw on their prior course work to engage in a series of in-depth discussions with an experienced leader-mentor from a learning organization.
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Organizational Learning Field Study

This course provides participants with the opportunity to investigate methodically the leadership, infrastructure and operations of successful organizations with a view towards evaluating practices that could be incorporated in their schools, organizations and teams.
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Innovation Development Project

Participants will be required to complete an Innovation Development Project that will constitute the analysis of leadership, innovative practice and organizational learning in the participants’ organization, or in the design and implementation of an initiative.
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Note: The instructional team for each course may vary depending on availability.