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Leading Innovative Communities Within and Beyond Organizations

Instructors + / –

Dr Trevor Lee
Dr Ji Ying

Synopsis + / –

Successful middle leaders work within their immediate teams, but also engage across their organization and with community partners to meet organizational and team goals.

This course examines these leadership functions by considering the role, structure and strategies that support innovative practice via effective professional communities and community partnerships within and beyond organizations. It considers how societal and cultural factors impact on the structure, practices and leadership of innovative communities.

Assessment + / –

(a) Online Preparation Activities (20%): Taking the role of a middle leader, write a case study with illustrations (e.g., figures, tables, pictures) about an organization, and the current innovative practices, culture, and capacity within and beyond the organization. (900-1,000 words)

(b) Team Presentation (30%): After discussion with team mates, draw on the case studies presented by team members in the online preparation activity to provide a synergistic assessment on areas of concerns that requires improvement in leadership practices, culture, and capacity to promote innovation within and beyond these organizations.

(c) Improvement plan on leading innovative communities within and beyond organizations (50%): As a middle leader, adapt the areas of concerns identified in the team presentation to propose a strategic plan for promoting innovation within and beyond via organizations by improving leadership practices, culture, and capacity. The strategic plan should be made relevance to the case organization proposed with relevance to the case organization in the online preparation activity.