International | Entrepreneurial | Future-Oriented

Middle Leaders as Edupreneurs and Innovators

Instructors + / –

Dr Maxwell Ho
Dr Jiafang Lu
Prof Allan Walker

Synopsis + / –

This course provides a comprehensive study of current theories and applied research in innovation, entrepreneurialism and change management. It reveals practices and principles of organizational restructuring, organizational development, and innovation and presents strategies for supporting entrepreneurialism in educational organizations (edupreneurialism).

The course addresses the notion of innovation for continuous improvement, whereby successful educational organizations identify creative strategies to meet organizational goals. Participants will analyze case reports to understand the factors facilitating and prohibiting change and will examine culturally specific perspectives towards organizational change to better understanding innovation and change in the East Asian context.

Participants will go through an entrepreneurial journey by analyzing systemic changes and working in a team setting to identify entrepreneurial solutions to deal with such changes.

Assessment + / –

(a) Preparation task (20%): Initial analysis of case study and class participation (900-1,000 words). Pick one case from reading or personal experience for critique. Participants individually analyze the demographic features and issue in the organization.

(b) Team presentation (30%): Generate entrepreneurial solution. The purpose of team presentation is to help participants design an entrepreneurial solution relevant to organization demographics features and practice the skills needed to apply conceptual ideas to the East Asian context.

(c) Individual work (50%): Constructing entrepreneurial initiative (2,500-3,000 words) Design an entrepreneurial initiative for educational organizations as case analysis. The initiative should include analysis of demographic features, plan objectives, the importance of entrepreneurial strategy, way of capacity building and strategy of cultivating entrepreneurial condition.