International | Entrepreneurial | Future-Oriented

Organizational Learning Field Study

Instructors + / –

Dr Sedat Gümüş
Dr Hayes Tang

Synopsis + / –

Outside of school structures, organizations such as businesses and NGOs with international reach prioritise the professional learning of their middle leaders. They develop and design learning cultures and infrastructures that support effective teams, individual and collective professional growth, and innovative practices. They also account for the diversity of their staff members and clientele.

Through a combination of seminars with EPL instructors, guest lecturers, senior and middle leaders of organizations, and site visits to innovative learning organizations, this course provides participants with the opportunity to investigate methodically the leadership, infrastructure and operations of such organizations with a view towards evaluating practices that could be incorporated in their schools, organizations and teams.

Assessment + / –

(a) Preparation task (20%): Drawing on prior learning and evaluation of additional readings, develop a preliminary analytical framework based on readings. (900-1,000 words)

(b) Team presentations (30%): Based on in-situ data collection: Report the case study or site visit of a learning organization.

(c) Individual Task (50%): Based on the above assessments, course content and learning activities, analyse the infrastructure and operations of one of the sites. (2,500-3,000 words)