International | Entrepreneurial | Future-Oriented

Virtual Consultancy

Instructors + / –

Dr Hayes Tang
Dr Ji Ying

Synopsis + / –

In this course, participants draw on their prior course work to engage in a series of in-depth discussions with an experienced leader-mentor from a learning organization.

To facilitate flexibility and dynamics of the dialogue, the in-depth discussions will include meetings via online means. The discussions can be designed as internship (understanding how an organization works and how a leader works) or mentorship (seeking advice and guidance for professional development).

Through structured dialogue over 6-8 weeks, participants investigate how the leaders have applied the strategies examined in the coursework to stimulate innovative practice and organizational learning.

Additionally, participants will seek advice and counsel from a leader-mentor on the application of strategies to their own context or for their own professional development.

Assessment + / –

(a) Presentation of progress report (in small group online). (20%)

(b) Reflective writing/ entry (20%) on the benefits and learning outcomes from internship/ mentorship consultancy (900-1,000 words).

(c) Reflective electronic portfolio (60%) on a selected theme about educational innovation and organizational leadership based on the internship/ mentorship consultancy (2,500-3,000 words).